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About us

We're Australia's boutique Internet Advertising, Sales and Marketing firm that employs the latest technology and methodologies such as Social Media, Audio/Visual Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and Search Engine Marketing, to help you attract new customers using through the power of the Internet.

Established in 2010, Smart Growth Solutions was launched via an intensive 6 month marketing campaign and since that has grown through a steadily supply of word of mouth referrals. This approach has enabled us to invest our revenue into building a portfolio exceptionally high value services and happy clients.

Our pledge to you is that we will uphold values of;


Donations and Community Improvements




  • Website and hosting was donated to Geelong Animal Rescue
  • A cash donation of $200 was given to Fabio Zadrozny towards LiClipse


  • A donation of one website and hosting was given to 3MBR  FM community radio station


  • A cash donation of $400 was donated to the Australian Police Force

Being a client of Smart Growth Solutions gives you peace of mind of knowing that you are doing business with an agency that operates in a sustainable, accountable and responsible way for the future of your business.

Smart Growth is Smart Business