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Step one - Review

Why review?

Business intelligence for informed decisions

That's why its important to build an in depth understanding of your business needs and goals, what visitors like and dislike about your webpage as well as the contributing factors behind your competitors search engine rankings.

How it works?

We do the heavy lifting

  • Need a way to discover why customers are not buying from your webpage?
  • Ever wondered how you could increase the total order values on your eCommerce site?
  • Need a way to reveal and monitor search engine optimisation works rendered?
  • Want to discover what causes your competitors rank better than you on popular search engines?

Stop leaving your  businesses success online to blind luck. 

At Smart growth solutions, we are equipped with powerful analysis tools and highly trained web specialists that will uncover a wealth of information about how you can improve your webpage's performance.

Tdataanalysis340x260.jpghe review process includes;

  • Industry Trends
  • Industry Market Opportunities
  • Brand to Customer Alignment Analysis
  • Webpage User Experience Flow Analysis
  • Webpage Structure Audit
  • Webpage On Page Optimisation Analysis
  • Webpage Off Page Optimisation Analysis
  • Competitor Webpage Analysis

The acquisition of in depth intelligence allows you to view the contributing factors behind your webpages success or failure as well as your competitors.

Whats next? Proceed to step 2